Portfolio Wellness Check

Portfolio Wellness Check

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Landlording: Consult with Renter’s Choice & Management at No Cost

Are you struggling to determine the market value of your property? Do you know what to include on a lease agreement? Are you aware of your legal responsibilities as a landlord?

Whether you are a current landlord or thinking of renting out your property, it is important to have reliable information to stay informed of regulatory changes in the business.

That is why Renter’s Choice offers a 30-minute no–obligation, no–cost, consultation for landlords.

This is an opportunity to ensure that your rental portfolio is in order. You will be able to ask our experienced team questions and get information about lease agreements, inspection reports, market rent, rent increases, how to handle problem tenancies and more.

We are licensed with the Real Estate Council of Alberta and insured by the Real Estate Insurance Exchange. With over two decades of experience, our staff has extensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act and of Minimum Housing & Safety Standards.

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30 minutes for your peace of mind

Our Portfolio Wellness Check is completely free and there is no pressure and no obligation to commit. We know owning a rental property is a complex business. It is our goal to create synergy between landlords and tenants.